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Simple Diffusion on Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability free essay sample

Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability: Activity 4: Simulating Filtration Lab Report Pre-lab Quiz Results You scored 100% by noting 4 out of 4 inquiries effectively. 1. Filtration is a procedure that You accurately replied: c. is latent. 2. Filtration is reliant upon a You accurately replied: b. hydrostatic weight angle. 3. The filtrate You effectively replied: d. These answers are right. A significant spot that filtration happens in the body is in You accurately replied: d. the kidneys. 10/04/12 page 1 Experiment Results Predict Question: Predict Question 1: What impact will expanding the pore size of the channel have on the filtration rate? Your answer : c. The filtration rate will increment. Anticipate Question 2: What will occur in the event that you increment the weight over the recepticle (the driving weight)? Your answer : a. The filtration rate will increment. Stop Think Questions: The explanation none of the solutes were available in the filtrate was that You accurately replied: b. the solutes were very huge to go through. We will compose a custom article test on Straightforward Diffusion on Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability or on the other hand any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page After filtration, substances that go through the channel are known as the filtrate, which incorporates You accurately replied: d. ll of the abovementioned. 2. The top measuring utencil in the reenactment relates to Your answer: d. the kidney tubule. Right answer: a. the blood hairlike. 3. For what reason was there not 100% recuperation of the Na+ Cl-solute with any of the layers? You effectively replied: c. A portion of the solute stayed on the film channel. 4. An expansion in circulatory strain would likely at first filtration in the kidneys. You effectively replied: b. increment the pace of 010/04/12 page 3 Review Sheet Results 1. Clarify in your own words why expanding the pore size expanded the filtration rate. Utilize a similarity to help your announcement. How very much did the outcomes contrast and your expectation? Your answer: it made for a greater space for the things to go through 2. Which solute didn't show up in the filtrate utilizing any of the layers? Clarify why. Your answer: powdered charcoil. it;s excessively enormous 3. Your answer: it made for a greater space for the things to go through 2. Which solute didn't show up in the filtrate utilizing any of the layers? Clarify why. Your answer: powdered charcoil. it;s too enormous 3 Why did expanding the weight increment the filtration rate yet not the grouping of solutes? How very much did the outcomes contrast and your expectation? Your answer: the weight constrained the solutes through, it didn't change what experienced. References Widdas, W. F. Transport components in the embryo. English clinical release 17.2 (1961): 107-111. Camenisch, Gian, et al. Estimation of penetrability by detached dispersion through Caco-2 cell monolayers utilizing the medications lipophilicity and sub-atomic weight. European diary of pharmaceutical sciences 6.4 (1998): 313-319. Stevens, Bruce R., Jonathan D. Kaunitz, and Ernest M. Wright. Intestinal vehicle of amino acids and sugars: progresses utilizing layer vesicles. Yearly Review of Physiology 46.1 (1984): 417-433. Stevens, Bruce R., Jonathan D. Kaunitz, and Ernest M. Wright. Intestinal vehicle of amino acids and sugars: progresses utilizing layer vesicles. Yearly Review of Physiology 46.1 (1984): 417-433. Park, C. R., et al. The activity of insulin on the vehicle of glucose through the cell layer. The American diary of medication 26.5 (1959): 674-684. Gjedde, Albert. High†and low†affinity transport of D†glucose from blood to mind. Diary of neurochemistry 36.4 (1981): 1463-1471. Gerbeau, Patricia, et al. Aquaporin Nt†TIPa can represent the high penetrability of tobacco cell vacuolar layer to little unbiased solutes. The Plant Journal 18.6 (1999): 577-587. Passow, Hermann. Atomic parts of band 3 protein-intervened anion transport over the red platelet layer. Surveys of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Volume 103. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1986. 61-203.

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High School Vs College Essay - Compare And Contrast

High School Vs College Essay - Compare And ContrastA high school vs college essay should provide a solid basis for students to discuss their college plans. While many times you will find that essay competitions use college as a different comparison point than what is commonly used by high school students, the point of the essay is to give students a reason to work on both areas.High school vs college essays are usually very similar to college essays in that they provide an introduction to a topic and outline the main ideas of the piece. In many cases, these essays may go further into depth but will still generally fit within the boundaries of a typical high school essay. College essay competitions are generally very similar to high school essay competitions because they are typically used to give students a framework for discussing college and planning the topics they will write about.Before even beginning to write a college essay, students need to have a good idea of how different s ubjects differ. Each subject has a certain set of skills that is required in order to be successful in the class. The skills can be learned through formal training or are taught in the course curriculum. For example, a nursing student would learn the basics of the profession through formal training, but they would also be given valuable training on common issues that occur in the field, as well as practice techniques in handling these situations.The important thing to remember is that an essay must include three different types of skills that are needed to solve a common problem. Students must be able to describe the problem and the way in which they would go about solving it in a specific way. They also need to compare and contrast a situation from one subject to another.As we mentioned, different subjects have different skills that must be learned in order to be successful. Writing an essay on business requires students to learn all about public speaking, strategy, business tactic s, marketing, and branding. Similarly, nursing requires students to become aware of the physiological effects of anesthesia, the importance of healthcare, and the emotional and mental benefits of the medical field. Most colleges do not encourage or require students to spend four years studying everything about each subject in depth, but it is expected that students will have a basic knowledge of it.It should be noted that while there are many different topics for essay competitions, the common factor among most college students is the need to research, compare and contrast a situation. Students must be able to demonstrate their ability to determine what different people would think about a situation, as well as how the situation would affect their current situation.Unlike high school students, who often seem to not have any knowledge about how to compare and contrast a situation in a way that would actually help them in a competition, college students tend to spend quite a bit of ti me on this type of information. Many write much more detailed essays than high school students because they have more to compare and contrast. The result is often a more involved essay that are not only a lot of fun to write, but also shows excellent writing skills.Students that participate in high school versus college essay competitions often do so because they want to know how their peers compare and contrast the different subjects they are researching. Even though many high school students also participate in competitions, they focus on the content and not the competition, meaning they do not understand the first thing about how to write a great essay. For students that are looking to learn how to be successful in their current subject, writing a competitive essay is often a key to success.

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(a)Explain why, in equilibrium, all assets must lie on or below the Essay

(a)Explain why, in harmony, all benefits must lie on or beneath the capital market line, however should lie on the security showcase line.(b)To what degree does later - Essay Example All things considered, harmony is a continually moving objective. We can't state that the securities exchange is in balance by the day's end or week or year. Costs move dependent on the view of dealers and investors, driven by data (Fama, 1970), brain research (Kahneman and Tversky, 1982), or anything under the sun (Barberis, Shleifer, and Vishny, 1998). As speculators attempt to boost returns or limit misfortunes, they either push up or pull down stock costs, or keep it level, the contrasts between the interest of purchasers and the gracefully of venders being reflected in stock value changes. This is balance, which is anything but a static point yet to a greater degree a unique procedure where alterations continually happen, mirroring the free understanding of financial specialists in the market that stocks are purchased and sold at the correct cost. Obviously, one side figures the cost will go up, while the opposite side figures it will go down. By ‘assuming’ harmony as a perfect state towards which everything moves, money scholastics have found an apparatus that permits them to nail down a moving objective †the conduct of stock costs throughout the most recent fifty years, for instance †so they can contemplate it, test their hypotheses, build up a scientific model, and check whether the model clarifies reality. One such part of reality that is being read for the last 50 years is the connection between the arrival of a stock cost and the hazard that the arrival won't be figured it out. Quite a while of perceptions have caused scholastics to ask: by what means should financial specialists choose which stocks to purchase? This is the thing that Markowitz did in his paper (Markowitz, 1952), where he caused to notice the act of portfolio expansion. Subsequent to seeing that stock costs move diversely corresponding to the general development of the financial exchange, he demonstrated that speculators could lessen the unusualness of profits by putting resources into a blend or arrangement of stocks whose

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Moral Considerability Essay - 4125 Words

Moral Considerability (Essay Sample) Content: ESSAY: MORAL CONSIDERABILITY/ THEORIES ABOUT HOW WE SHOULD TREAT NON-HUMAN ANIMALSName:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date:IntroductionHuman beings have lately shown injustices in their treatment towards animals. Animals are used for experiments, and they are hunted for food. Evidently, no experimenters would opt to use a fellow human being instead. Isnt this injustice towards the animals? Moral considerability would be evoking into question when similar act done to animals were done to human beings. Various philosophers have reacted towards the animal welfare. Some quite opposed morally considering animals while others supported the idea that animals, like human being, should be given a moral standing. This paper explores the various theories propounded by different theorists and in the end it presents the authors opinion. Anthropocentrism (Kant, Baxter, Narveson and Peffer)Baxters anthropocentric viewpoint is pivoted on what he considers Kantian humanity formulation. Ba xter believes that all humans have necessary intrinsic value, and should thus be developed above any other option as the end to any objective instead of a way to satisfy another. He also favors the redistribution of wealth so that every human is given at least a prospective way to better her life and contentment by maintaining these incentives. According to Baxter, there is nothing in the environment that is significant for its sake but only for the advantages that it brings to humans. Accordingly, any environmental responsibility is judged from the interest of humans as moral standards. Professor Narveson also is in agreement that only humans accountable morally and that what occurs to non-human (animals, plants, species and ecosystems) is morally irrelevant unless some human cares about it. But does this justify the many cases of humans inflicting gratuitous pain and suffering on non-human animals? In this regard, anthropocentrism is insensitive and highly implausible since it im plies that the severe pain inflicted on animals is irrelevant not unless it bothers some humans. This anthropocentric thinking may believe that torturing somebodys pet dog is only wrong as it hurts the owner, not others. Does it then mean that allowing animal a moral status make them equal to humans? Believing that animals have a moral status does not, however, mean they have equal moral status. Neither should they be treated as humans are treated. Moreover, the reasoning that animals have no moral standing since they cannot engage in the social contracts. Even the severely retarded humans would not have a moral standing either; since they too cannot participate in the social contracts. Thus, the ability to reciprocate is not necessary for a moral standing. According to Kant, non-rational beings are things with merely instrumental or relative value. He believes that rational beings are persons and possess worth above all price since only rational being are capable of value distinct ion. Accordingly, in Kantian Cosmos, only those beings that can recognize their intrinsic worth and can be recognized to possess such worth have the highest moral worth. Does this mean, therefore, that severely retarded people have no highest moral worth? Does the possession of the highest moral worth make humans, lords of the universe? According to Kant, moral capacity is not merely quantitatively but is in qualitatively superior to that of the non-humans. Under such comment, he (Kant) would entertain the notion that man is lord of nature. However, in aesthetics, Kant denies that the environment is only instrumentally significant as it is used by human beings to satisfy their needs. Instead, it has value when it serves no such purpose and so the obligation to restore the natural beauty of the damaged ecosystem and the presumption that nature should not be harmed unnecessarily.Animal Liberation (Peter Singer, Gary Varner and Peffer)Peter Singers philosophical ideology is pivoted on the sensibility of the utilitarianism. This is a philosophical standpoint which claims that the morally effective action is that which develops the most maximum amount of pleasure or happiness to the largest amount of people. It postulates that the most important features of any action are the consequences that it develops about rather than the purpose or motivation based on it. Singer believes that ethics should be rooted on the standard of living rather than in hypothetical supposition about it (sanctity) on actual issues of pain and pleasure instead of abstract principles of duty and obedience. Singer argues that the animals share an equal moral status with human beings. Thus, it is unethical for people to kill and preserve. Unlike the common practice of using reason as a means of raising the animal moral status, Singer uses pain. He argues that the ability of animals to feel pain and pleasure put them on a plane of moral equivalence with humanity. Singer contends that since the non-human animals also feel pain as humanity does, humanity has an obligation not to contribute to needless suffering to animals. By implication, there are racists who tend to breach the principle underlying equality by preferring embers of their race and sexists favor only members of the same sex. The speciesists allow the interest of their own specie to override the greater interests of members of other species. Most human beings have are speciesists and can pay what it takes to sacrifice the interest of other species so that to encourage the most unimportant interest of the human species. Humans were to prevent the infliction of suffering on animals based on the ground that the interests of humanity would not be in any way infringed at least to the extent that the interest of animals are affected. However, humanity will be forced to make radical changes on how they treat non-human animals. This will involve checking the diet, farming methods, experimental procedures, gaming like hunting, trapping and in human entertainment; for instance in the zoos. Gary Varner summarizes Singers argument that the principle of equal consideration of interest is the basis of recognition of human moral equity. This is based on the similar interest of all individuals affected by actions and institutions ought to be given equal weight in the evaluation of those acts and institutions. Sentience, which is the capacity to feel pain, (according to Singer) is a sufficient condition to be considered as having interest. Therefore, all non-human animals capable of feeling pain have a basic interest similar to humans, namely an interest in avoiding pain. Humanity should treat the similar interest of all the sentient non-human animals equally in evaluating actions and institutions.According to Peffer, all sentient beings deserve equal consideration of their interests; however, self-conscious beings have a certain number of preferences, and, therefore, these are interests, which are lacki ng in non-self conscious beings. Under such these preferences mainly pertain to the tragedy of death. Consequently, Peffer ends up constructing a hierarchy of beings within the animal kingdom based upon the capacity of self-consciousness and the amount one has invested in ones life.Strong Animal Rights Theory (Tom Regan, Gary Varner and Peffer)In support or refusal of the notion of animal rights, a position that postulates that some non-human animals have the same right not to be harmed or killed just as humans do. This can be considered as a strong animal rights position. On the contrary, the weak animal rights position postulates that moral rights of non-human animals cannot be at any time be identical in strength to those of humanity. Human interest can override animal rights when the circumstances demand.Beings as end in themselvesFrom the standpoint of inherent value which any being subjected to life have, Regan argues that non-human animals as well have rights just the same wa y that human beings have. He claims that Singers grounding an equal moral status on Utilitarian ground is quite mistaken but that animals do have same moral status as human beings which are grounded on rights not on Utilitarian principles. Regan believes that any being that has inherent worth and therefore must be shown respect, under such must not be used as a means to an end. He thus opposes the use of animals by human beings either as meals, sports or any other way since these are some of the ways of devaluing the inherent worth of the animals. Through these activities, human beings use the animals as a means of satisfaction of their needs as a mere means towards an end.Against Singers postulation which has a focus on the beings interest, Regan insisted that what matters is the individual who has the interest, and not interest itself. Only interest in themselves on focus, utilitarianism would allow the most obscene acts just to make the maximum number of people happy. The moral rights generate duties not only to refrain from inflicting harm upon fellow beings with intrinsic value but also to consideration of their support when they are intimidated by other moral agents. Nevertheless, Rights are not absolute, but may be overridden in certain circumstances especially when rights of different individual are in conflict. Nonetheless, these cases lead to overriding ones right should be at best minimized.Weaker Animal Right Theory (Bernard Rollin, Mary Midgley, Mary Ann Warren and R.G. Peffer)Mary Midgley argues for compassion, not interests or right. Compassion is less abstract than equality. It does not require other animals to have the same traits as humans, but one needs only to feel empathy avoid causing other sentient beings to suffer. She finds Si...

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Erick Erickson Identity And Identity - 1885 Words

Erick Erickson, identity was the core issue, his own sense of self were complex. His attractive mother Karla Abrahamsen, she was Danish from a very comfortable, middle class Jewish family. On their honeymoon in Rome, she parted from her first husband. He traveled abroad and she never seen him again. Erickson was born a few years later in Germany in 1902, where she stayed with some aunts. Erickson never knew who his biological father was. His mother would never tell them (Erick Erickson, sharper of: identity p. 6). For the first three years of his life he never competes for his mother’s affections/love. After Karla first husband was declared dead, she remarried. Her second husband a Jewish pediatrician from Karlsruhe. His new stepfather wanted to be accepted as Erick’s real father, later his last name was changed from Salomonsen to his own Homburger. As he grew older, further issues arose. Because of his appearance, he was tall blonde and blue-eyed, he stood at the synag ogue as different. From his local school, the converse applied, he was different because he was Jewish. He frequently visits his mother’s family in Denmark because he accepted his German nationality of his birth (Erick Erickson, sharper of: identity p. 7). Eventually, at the age of 25, Peter Blos invited him to run a small school, which aim to develop new and creative teaching methods. This was the mark of the most significant period of his life. There, he took to teaching butShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Erick Erickson Theory748 Words   |  3 PagesErick Erickson was one of the most profound theorists of psychosocial development which are comprised of eight stages. His concepts were the ones I could identify with prior to taking Human Growth and Development course. This theory is based on the stages in which certain types of conflicts are being resolved which trigger conflicts at various stages. My knowledge of Erick Erickson is he placed high emphasizes on th e impact culture and society has on the ego logical level. Before taking Human GrowthRead MoreErickson s Theory On The 8 Stages Of Development Essay1143 Words   |  5 PagesErick Erickson was a German psychoanalyst who was heavily influenced by the works of Sigmund Freud (Erickson 2016). Erickson’s theory on the 8 stages of development are based around three parts of identity: social identity, personal identity (the differences between one person and another) and the identity of self. Freud exemplifies the conflict between id (the instinctive component of personality) and the superego (morals of society that are learned), whilst Erickson focuses on the role of cultureRead MoreErick Erickson A Psychoanalytical Perspective on human development2657 Words   |  11 PagesPSY 235, Lifespan Development. Abstract The growth and development happening throughout a human’s life have been divided into five broad categories including infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and aging. However, in accordance with Erick Erickson, human development happens in eight different psychosocial stages. And that with every single stage, new conflicts arise. Yet, these crises happening in one’s life should be fully resolved before moving on to the next level. Based on Erickson’sRead MoreErikson s Theory For Psychosocial Development1000 Words   |  4 PagesErikson was a theorist who focused on his theory for psychosocial development. The article Psychosocial Identity Development Theories, highlights the keys points and idea of Erikson’s psychosocial theory. Erikson was very focused on the idea of ego identity and obtaining full potential. His theory or â€Å"model† stats that, â€Å"identity formation is based on overcoming conflicts that individuals encounter during ad olescent and early childhood.†(Karkouti, 2014, p.257) He believed that all people must endureRead MoreDevelopmental Psychology : The Stages Of Development1191 Words   |  5 PagesJulissa Valtierra Mrs. Yolanda Developmental Psychology May 18, 2015 Erickson Essay Erick Erickson, a German psychoanalyst created a theory called the Stages of Development, which consist of eight phases. As a person passes though each stage they will attempt to resolve crises that are important to the process of life. These eight stages include building a sense of trust in others, discovering a sense of self, as well as preparing the forthcoming generation for the future. Since everyone is uniqueRead MoreThe Theory Of Psychosexual Development Essay2479 Words   |  10 Pagesseen through different stages in life. This paper will discuss my personal development from prenatal to adolescence, relating to domains (physical, cognitive, emotional, moral and social) and different theoretical perspectives discussed by Freud, Erickson, Vygotsky, Kohlberg and Piaget. The result of this analysis will show how developed theories help explore and explain different aspects of development. a child’s development is influenced by genetics and the world around them (nature vs. nurture)Read MoreReligion Is A Social Control Tool1394 Words   |  6 Pagesthere is a need for a life to have a meaning. As an initiation process into the society, religion is an absolute hinge of socialization. For this instance, religion or parental faith is transferred to from parents to their children. As argued by Erick Erickson, parents provide guidance to their children through rules and as a result, they are able to lead them into religion. Erikson (2012) made an observation that, in the later days, children do not become narcotic because of frustration, but becauseRead MoreMy Child Is A Child Essay1389 Words   |  6 Pagesleading her to become victimized by bullies and often feels isolated and insecure about her self. Nevertheless, she is struggling to understand who she is and where she fits in. This time of searching and exploring ones own Identity while being bullied often result in having identity crisis and a low self-esteem. Challenge and Theory Comparison Reseach by Tariq and Tayyab (2011) explained that every day millions of teens around the world wake up afraid to go to school. Lately, this worry has been increasingRead MoreThe Theory Of Human Development1196 Words   |  5 Pagesbecome someone outside the family. To continue with the theories let’s talk about the psychosocial theories from Erickson; during the 1902-1994 Erick Erickson develop the psychosocial theories recognizing Freud’s theories. The psychosocial theories consist in eight crisis stages of human development that needs to be resolve to be able to grow to the next stage. These stages are: what Erickson call the trust versus mistrust from infancy to 1 year, this means that the trust learned during infancy and canRead MoreChild Relational Support And Developmental Guidance Essay2368 Words   |  10 PagesApplication of Theories Two theories that can help understand the consequences of parental drinking on children are The Psychological Theory of Erick Erickson and The Attachment Theory of John Bowlby. Both theories deal with the stages of infancy/early childhood, and the positive or negative influence of parental interactions. The psychological theory of Erick Erickson is an important intervention to understand the impact of maltreatment on a young child. This theory explains the developmental stages across

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The Ghost Of Late King Hamlet - 1816 Words

While reading Hamlet, there are many unanswered questions pop up, which can be very tricky to find a definite answer to. One unanswered question that truly is a key element in Hamlet is whether the ghost of late King Hamlet is a demon or angel testing Hamlet’s character. This is never truly stated in the text whether he is a good or bad soul, but what helps to understand this is Shakespeare’s use of Purgatory. Purgatory is the middle ground where a soul is not good enough for Heaven but not bad enough for Hell. Thus stating there is a Purgatory the ghost would be waiting to finish his term, so he can achieve divine. Although some may think the ghost of the late King Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet is a demon, the truth is that Hamlet’s father is just a Poor Soul trapped in Purgatory, who knew asking his son to avenge his death would allow him to receive divine in Heaven. Throughout the Elizabethan Era no one in that time period knew how much of an influence they would have on all of the world. In Caffery’s words, â€Å"[The] Elizabethan Era was a period of time from 1558 to 1603 known as the golden age in English history. Queen Elizabeth I reigned over England while all around the arts flourished in the society† (Caffrey). William Shakespeare was one of the most iconic writers in this era, for his use of all the genres like history, tragedy, and comedy in his plays and sonnets. During this time people became more comfortable with this unknown that most plays andShow MoreRelatedThe Ghost Of The Late King Hamlet1374 Words   |  6 PagesAlthough some may think the ghost of the late King Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet is a demon, but the truth is that Hamlet’s father didn t reveal himself to anyone besides Hamlet because he knew his son would avenge his death allowing him to receive divine in Heaven. Throughout the Elizabethan Era no one in that time period knew how much of an influence they would have on all of the world. In Caffery’s words, â€Å"[The] Elizabethan Era was a period of time from 1558 to 1603 known asRead MoreFeigning Madness Or Truly Insane?1173 Words   |  5 PagesTruly Insane? In Shakespeare’s Hamlet each of the characters face many trials and tribulations throughout the play. Hamlet, the main character, suffers the most. While Hamlet deals with all of the problems he faces, he becomes mentally unstable. Some believe that Hamlet just feigned madness while others believe that he actually became insane. Hamlet began to face insanity after the marriage of his mother and uncle and his problems only became worse which leads to Hamlet truly becoming insane. The firstRead MoreKing Hamlet By William Shakespeare1641 Words   |  7 Pagesaudience and his readers the freedom to interpret the deeper meaning of his work. Of the many themes in the play â€Å"Hamlet†, the concept of memory is the most influential, specifically, the memory of King Hamlet represented by the ghost. The memory of King Hamlet created an aura of mystery within the play, leaving much of it open to interpretation. Moreover, the memory of the late King Hamlet was the driving force of the plot, initiating many of the important events that occurred within it. Lastly, itRead MoreHamlet : A Fragile Mind1429 Words   |  6 PagesHamlet with a fragile mind as it is with the death of his father and the the commitment made by both his mother and his uncle has been told of a ghost sighting outside of elsinore by the guards of Denmark. He is then asked to watch upon the night to see if it is or is not the ghost of his late father. With everything that has been going on i n Hamlet’s life is he prepared to encounter such a paranormal event; or, is he not in the right state of mind to acknowledge and comprehend his late father’sRead MoreWhen Reading Any Article, Novel Or Play, Readers Are Always1510 Words   |  7 Pagesaudience and his readers the freedom to interpret the deeper meaning of his work. Of all themes in the play â€Å"Hamlet†, the concept of memory is the most influential, more specifically, the memory of King Hamlet represented by the ghost. The memory of King Hamlet created an idea of mystery within the play, leaving much of it open to interpretation. Moreover, the memory of the late King Hamlet was the driving force of the play and initiated many of the important events that occurred within it. LastlyRead MoreHidden Ghost By William Shakespeare1375 Words   |  6 PagesHidden Ghost In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, King Hamlet is killed by Claudius, Prince Hamlet’s uncle. The late king returns as what is suspected to be a ghost or spirit and gives Prince Hamlet orders to seek revenge on Claudius and murder him. This causes Hamlet to intensely consider whether honor or logic is more important. Although Shakespeare only directly refers to one ghost, there are many more ghosts behind the scenes. In the tragedy by Shakespeare, Hamlet as well as all the characters haveRead MoreAnalysis Of Shakespeare s Hamlet 1278 Words   |  6 PagesHamlet â€Å"To be or not to be, that is the question† Winner of four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor, Laurence Olivier states in his famous redemption of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, where Laurence Oliver played as Hamlet. Characters Laurence Olivier- Prince Hamlet Eileen Herlie – Queen Gertrude Basil Sydney- King Claudius (current king of Denmark) Jean Simmons- Ophelia (Polonius’s Daughter) Norman Wooland –Horatio (Hamlet’s friend) Felix Aylmer -Polonius John Laurie –FranciscoRead MoreTheme Of Deception In Hamlet1338 Words   |  6 Pagesis a need to conceal the truth and also expose the truth. The play Hamlet written by Shakespeare is built around the central theme of deceit. Deceit is used to cover past mistakes that might have once impacted the characters greatly or to conceal an important secret. Every character indulges in some form of deceit whether it be big or small. The most evident characters, however, used deceit to expose and kill one another. Hamlet used deceit to discover the truth but also deceive oneself. ClaudiusRead MoreHamlet - Why Did Hamlet Delay Killing the King? Essay828 Words   |  4 PagesShakespeares Hamlet, the main character continually delays acting out his duty of avenging his fathers murder. This essay will discuss how Hamlets nature and morals (which are intensified by difficult events) prevent him from carrying out the task. In the opening scenes of the play, the Ghost of Hamlets late father reveals to him the true means by which King Hamlet died. The Ghost tells Hamlet that his fathers death was caused by Claudius pouring poison into his ear. He exhorts Hamlet to avengeRead MoreEssay on Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 11041 Words   |  5 Pages One of the best known pieces of literature throughout the world, Hamlet is also granted a position of excellence as a work of art. One of the elements which makes this play one of such prestige is the manner in which the story unfolds. Throughout time, Shakespeare has been renowned for writing excellent superlative opening scenes for his plays. By reviewing Act 1, Scene 1 of Hamlet, the reader is able to establish a clear understanding of events to come. This scene effectively sets a strong mood

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Expanding Business Assignment Sample

Question-Using the global mindset framework, how will you setà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ up YellowTails sportsgoods chain in this new territory/country? TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION VENTURING INTO NEW COUNTRY Global Mindset Framework Resources and Barriers OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES RECOMMENDATION AND CONCLUSION TEAM REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Organizations normally need to consider entering new markets when their center markets begin declining, or they have outgrown their center market and need new markets to proceed to grow. Many business persons have figured out precisely how expensive it is to succeed in another business sector, as well as particularly to fall flat in one. The best practices which include: Making an agreeable and genuine duty to command the business you enter; plainly recognizing the best passage point; characterizing your business section technique; gathering your business entrance playbook; approving your suppositions; guiding the Playbook; Ramping up the privilege way; and having an effective exit plan if things don't work out. This report stresses on growing the sportgoods chain organization known as Yellowtails, in Argentina. The report will likewise investigate the opportunities and dangers of entering Argentina. The report will likewise concentrate on Global Mindset structure including its three separate parts that is social capital, intelligent capital and psychological capital that will help to create Yellowtail in Argentina. However to set up the business in Argentina it is all that much essential to know the social, social, political and temperate measurements of the nation. Subsequently the report will likewise concentrate on these measurements which will help to deal with the difficulties that Yellowtails may confront in Argentina. The report recommends that Yellowtails should at first concentrate on investigating the Argentina market, the interest of the individuals as for sports and after that settle on different offers that they can give to the potential clients regarding their items and administrations furthermore different limited time program or showcasing projects. They have to see the worldwide market that is the Argentina showcase as a chance to help the offers of the current items and embrace a business push methodology rather than business driven methodology. SECTION A INTRODUCTION Few companies prosper by outperforming the competition in a particular geographical area or niche market. However expanding the business properly into new market helps to leverage the core business, increase revenue of the organization, enjoy higher economies of scale and also decrease the risks. There are two types of expansion one if geographic expansion and the other is customer expansion. The geographic expansion is the way of expanding the already existing capability or expertise into new area with similar customer profile and demographics etc. and the customer expansion is the process of expanding the business by targeting new customer segment with similar product and services (, 2014). However expanding into new market requires huge research about target audience and developing in-depth understanding of growth rates in the market, potential barriers, competitors, forecasting demand etc (Stark and Stewart, 2013). This report emphasizes on expanding the sportgoods chain company known as YellowTails, in Argentina. The report will also explore the opportunities and threats of entering Argentina. The report will also focus on Global Mindset framework including its three different components that is social capital, intellectual capital and psychological capital that will help to establish YellowTail in Argentina. However to set up the business in Argentina it is very much important to know the cultural, social, political and economical dimensions of the country. Thus the report will also focus on these dimensions which will help to manage the challenges that YellowTails might face in Argentina. The country Argentina is a rich and vibrant culture that influences the heritage and diverse population of the country. In past few years, the country has struggled with economic and political turmoil but due to liberalization, there is an increase in economy (, 2013). To do business effectively, it is significant to understand the culture, economic, political and social dimensions. The following is the details of the four dimensions: Political: Argentina is the biggest country in Latin America with 37million population considered to be third biggest. The political system of the country follows a federal structure with presidential system. The country is treated as the pariah state by the fund markets of global. The major challenges of the country since the economic and political crisis in 2001 are corruption, poverty, unemployment, default in debt and also collapse of health and education. Economic: The economy of Argentina is suffering from low GDP growth rate due to the crisis in the year 2001-2002. According to the 2009 estimates, the GDP of the Argentina is $558 billion which fell by -2.5%. The official exchange rate of the country is $301.3billion. The unemployment rate is recorded as 9.6% and around 13.9% of the overall population belongs to below poverty line. The economy of Argentina mostly relies on the diversified industrial sector, natural resources and the agriculture sector which is export-oriented (, 2014). Social: According to the data of 2005, the country has the second highest human development index rate in Latin America. There has been improvement in the social conditions; the poverty level has decreased to 13.6% compared to 27% (, 2007). Argentina is considered to the country with highest literacy rate in the world. The enrolment rate in primary school is higher in the world (, 2014). However there is a decrease in the rate of secondary school study. Cultural: The Argentina culture comprises of mixed ethnic group people. The culture is influenced by the immigration of Europeans, Spanish and Italian. Sport is the most crucial part of social and cultural life in Argentina. The countrys calendar is filled with busy sporting activities like rugby, polo, football etc (, 2014). VENTURING INTO NEW COUNTRY Global Mindset Framework Expanding the business is hitting the mainstream and is becoming the integral part of the countrys business. Selecting the right candidates for the working in the international markets gives a competitive advantage to build and develop the competency in identifying the success potential. Developing the global leadership expertise of an individual who are being posted to different parts is very important. Exposure to different cultures will help in developing the skills in the managers to deal with the people of other cultures and their working. The key ingredient to succeed in the global markets is Global Mindset. Global Mindset can be defined as the set of attributes of an individual that helps the global leader to persuade others who are different in the environment. This framework is the capability to evade the ease of assuming all cultures similar and also not being paralyzed by the convolution of the cultural differences (, 2014). There are three major components of this framework are (Harvard Business Review, 2010): Social Capital Intellectual Capital Psychological Capital For expanding Yellowtails in Argentina, it is important to focus on these three components. Firstly is the social capital that helps the expats to develop trust and strong relationship with the local customers, supply chain partners, employees or the local stakeholders. Understanding this dimension effectively helps to generate excitement and positive energy between the local stakeholders and also help them to connect with the personal level. This helps to improve collaborativeness and leads to the flourish trust in the team environment. The three most important attributes of social capital are: Diplomacy- this attributes helps to ease the communication with other culture people by improving the listening skills. Interpersonal impact- this is the ability to maintain credibility, create consensus, build teamwork and also collaborate divergent views within and outside the organization Intercultural Empathy- This is the ability to connect and engage with the other culture people emotionally. Second is the intellectual capital that mainly emphasizes on cognitive complexity, understanding, skills and knowledge. This dimension provides the ability to understand the similarities and differences of cultural histories and also manage the complex issues related to culture. This is important to create a bridge among the local host culture of the country and the corporate culture. The key attributes of this dimension are: Cosmopolitan Outlook: This creates an active interest in the economic and the political system, geography, history and culture of various parts of the world. Cognitive Complexity: This helps to successfully handle the multiple scenarios Global Business Savvy: This attribute is about grasping the knowledge of behavior of the customers, global market trend, potential competitors, habits, worldwide industry and also the strategic risks that may vary with the geography. Third is the psychological capital that helps to develop a knowledge base of global issues. This is attribute enables the expats to develop motivation and also strong willingness to succeed in the host country. The main attributes are: Self-assurance: developing sense of humor, self-confidence, increasing level of energy according to the foreign context Thirst for adventure: an approval for and capability to prosper in changeable and intricate environment. Passion for diversity: This is the way of experiencing different culture, doing new things and exploring the different parts of the world. Resources and Barriers To determine the viability and ease of entering the new market it is important to understand the impact of technology, infrastructure and natural resources of a country. Determining the technological capabilities of Argentina would help to determine the operations type in the country. Then the infrastructure will help to determine the simplicity of operating and doing business effectively in Argentina. Lastly the natural resources will help to determine ways to achieve profitability by having access to low-cost inputs. Apart from this fir achieving fast growth in the host country it is significant to launch products according to the needs of the people in that country. Involving into strong relationship with the local customers would help to attract new ones and promote the product and services. Further, creating partnership with the other similar business in the country would help to share the expertise and resources with other business and enable to flourish (Marketing Donut, 2014) . However, there exist few barriers in setting up Argentina. The major barrier in setting up in Argentina is the increasing competition. There is an increase in the competition is due to liberalization and also overvalued exchange rate is pushing the enterprises towards enhancing the competitiveness. In particular, the persistent problem of access to credit to Latin America and also the elevated interest rates level act as an obstruction to rejuvenation of enterprise. The pressure on the credit market due to state demand led the level of interest rates to increase further in such a level that makes the outcome of the productive projects incompatible. The current progressive economic revival has not been adequate to reinforce the competitiveness of enterprises and to produce conditions to overcome a number of major constraints. Due to higher transaction costs and obstacles with access to the international market, the reaction towards the international market is becoming less dynamic (ee, 2007). OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES Understanding the sports business, the recent researches found that the sport has kept on thrive, with significant occasions seeming to become more famous than any other time. However lower level occasions are needing to work harder to draw in support. The fame of popular occasions is underpinned by progressing changes in technology and broadcasting, which permit higher-quality scope than ever before. Sports associations are discovering it progressively hard to adjust the necessities of all their stakeholders it utilized to be about the fan who would basically vote with their feet, however now the fan has a louder voice by means of online networking. Sports likewise confronts a sensitive exercise in careful control, due to the need to keep up value for the money in light of increase in the cost of the ticket and also increasing desires among the paying open (, 2011). If sports start charging more for the tickets, then observers anticipate that they will give more as an exchange. The same at last applies to the expense of media rights, which can thump on to the pay TV memberships financed by supporters. The balance value and price is further entangled by the profound sense of possession that numerous sports fans feel for their sports or club. The country Argentina is facing a huge slowing growth rate and high inflation. There is a decline in the ability to service the finance and debts imports of Argentina which is reducing the confidence of the country towards international markets. However there are legions of high-spending fans who are taking the country currency out of the country. This shows that the interest of Argentina people towards sports as their recreation. Thus focusing on sports equipment or sports apparel would help the organization to boom the industry. Retail business is also one of the booming industries in Argentina. Sports goods are also increasing aggressively providing a wonderful opportunity for YellowTails to represent their brands in this market. Due to diversity of various sports brand, there is an excellent opportunity for the organization to develop sports Footwear or Apparel business. If compared to overall Latin America, it can be seen that e-commerce is also growing rapidly in the country, particularly in Brazil. For instance, in this present scenario, the largest sporting goods retailer those have more than 120stores receives total revenue above 15% through this e-commerce system. To succeed in the Argentina market, the YellowTails must focus on developing sports Footwear and Apparel business. This would provide the organization a good opportunity to drive the market. The biggest challenge that YellowTails might face is the changing economical factors and the increasing competition. Argentina is facing high inflation and import restriction process. Thus YellowTails can focus on running their business through distributors instead of subsidiary. This business model would help to better their brand and also increase their EBIT. Since the Sports Footwear and the Apparel industry is growing rapidly compared to hardgoods, the market is attractive. YellowTails must reflect the trend of entertainment like sports sponsors, the product placement or the brand, instead of just a name on shirt. Apart from this, another issue that the organization can further face is the challenge from the governing bodies that are creating pressure on the sports business to grow in the international market and at the same time the maintaining the integrity of the competitions and the support base for the local community. In this era of economic uncertainty, there is a shift of balance economic from east to south. This will help to preserve the impetus of internationalization, as sports look for new revenues. Spending on sports merchandizing reflects the more extensive polarization of purchasing propensities, with value-based online shopping at one end, and retail as excitement at the other, with buyers spending their leisurely days at a retail chain or malls. Sports clubs are seeing a climbing extent of their merchandise exchanges relocating towards the Internet. A particular advantage of merchandizing is the capacity to captivate with fans who can't go to matches, including the individuals who live in different nations an opportunity that has been extended by the Internet. This engagement helps both to monetize the brands of sports in those districts furthermore markets, furthermore to fabricate interest for media scope of the clubs included. Thus the YellowTails can focus on merchandising their products that would help to increase the customer engagement. This process would not only help to understand the needs of their potential customers in the new market but also provide informatio n that would feed into the customer intelligence. This will ensure that the potential customers are getting what they want and this will retain the customers. RECOMMENDATION AND CONCLUSION The process of entering or expanding into new market and then developing in that international market is really is challenging one. In basic terms it can be said that entering into new country market is just like starting up as a start-up. Thus YellowTails must initially focus on analyzing the Argentina market, the demand of the people with respect to sports and then decide on various offers that they can provide to the potential customers in terms of their products and services and also various promotional program or marketing programs. They need to see the international market that is the Argentina market as an opportunity to boost the sales of the existing products and adopt a sales push strategy instead of market driven approach. Apart from this, the organization must also focus on the building effective strategies to implement the Global mindset framework. Different experiences and training method involve the strategies for developing proper global mindset and cultural intelligence among in the employees and the managers. Membership in the cross-broader projects, international assignments or transfers can help to develop the global mindset. Developing international experiences would help to foster the improvement of integrative leadership skills and also develop skills that would encourage handling cultural intelligence, complexities, facing conflict etc. Further, the YellowTails must focus on providing cultural training to the expats that would teach them about the culture-general values by utilizing the training methodologies like case studies, role-plays, lectures etc. Certainly, the worldwide economy compels the organizations to take part in a highly unpredictable, customer driven market for various services and products at the competitive prices and also due to globalization it is necessary to communicate effectively with the customers, clients and colleagues across various cultures and languages. Thus the organization must focus on cross-boundary teams, cultural adaptation training and also international assignments should be used for developing the weakness of the individuals around the worldwide competencies. In conclusion, the report presents the economic, culture, social and political dimensions of Argentina that YellowTails need to consider before expanding their business in new market. The report also demonstrates the proper application of Global mindset framework in the new market. The three different components of the framework give idea to the expats to operate in Argentina and also help them to do business effectively. The report also discusses the opportunities and challenges that YellowTails might face in Argentina with alternative solutions that the organization can use to sustain in the market. SECTION B TEAM REPORT It was nice to work in a team that is both cooperative and supportive. We started the task by setting up goals that would help us to finish the task within the given duration and also achieve the end result. Everyone in the team expressed their own views regarding the topic. Everybody was positive towards each other and was encouraging each other to complete the task as per the requirement. The best apart about our team was that we respected each other ideas and feelings in completing this task. We supported opposition politely with proper reasons that why we cannot take or incorporate this point. In order to complete the task we had set the following goals and divided the task accordingly among each other: Searching the database, online journals and articles Do reading and making notes Sharing the written notes among each other in the group Then after sharing the notes we divided each section among each other, that is one them wrote the first draft that is the introduction part, then the other member in the group wrote the global mindset framework, resources and entry barriers, then one them covered the opportunities and challenges part with alternative solutions. At the end together we all three of us sat together to conclude the task and also proof read the overall task to find if any further modification is required or not. However, we found that our report lag in incorporating proper international entry theories. The report writing would have been much better if few we have applied the international entry strategies along with the framework discussed in the report. However we were unable to access many online resources like relevant books or journals as they were paid. So we had to utilize only new articles or some available pdfs, pwc report etc. We had to rely on the available books only. Due to less time we could not discuss more about the topic and were unable to utilize the latest updates about the expansion to international market. In future we have decided to work on the topic from day one itself with shared responsibilities. Instead of dividing the whole task individually we have decided to work together which would help us to effectively utilize the peer review process and help each other to develop knowledge on the subject area. REFERENCES, (2014). Sports Leisure - AngloINFO Buenos Aires, in Buenos Aires (Argentina)., (2013). Doing Business in Argentina | Intercultural Training Course | Communicaid., (2014). Argentina Economy | Economy Watch., (2007). ARGENTINA COUNTRY STRATEGY PAPER., (2014). Grow Your Business: New Markets., (2014). Why Argentina?. Harvard Business Review, (2010). Managing Yourself: Making It Overseas - HBR. Marketing Donut, (2014). Strategies for growing your business., (2011). Changing the game Outlook for the global sports market to 2015. Stark, K. and Stewart, B. (2013). 5-Step Primer to Entering New Markets. [online], (2014). GLOBAL MINDSET DEFINED Expat Success Strategy.